Jonghyun - Internet War


You sat off stage, your body moving slightly to the beat as you watched the boys bounce around onstage. This was the first time you had gotten to be backstage at a SMTown concert instead of being out in the crowd, so the angle was a little strange, but it was nearly as good as being at the front of the audience. You snorted and a grin spread across your face as you watched Minho and Kibum gang up on your boyfriend and empty their water bottles over his head. Jonghyun chased them around a little, to the audience’s delight, before continuing on to his lines in the song.

Soon the song was over and you clapped your hands, smiling and shaking your head slightly at the fools you had grown to love like your brothers; one a little more than that, of course. It had been two years now since Jonghyun swept you off your feet. Literally. He had been doing charity work at a children’s home and was sweeping –though goofing off was more accurate– and ran into you, knocking you over. The rest was history.

The song ended and they took their bows, waving to the crowd before jogging off stage. You giggle-screamed when a wet and sweaty Jonghyun suddenly attempted to embrace you as the group got backstage.

“Yah!” you giggled as you dodged him.  Jonghyun pouted and you quick pecked him on the lips before swatting away the hand that “brushed” your ass. You pretended to glare at him and he stuck his tongue out playfully, hurrying off to get changed for the next set. You watched him go, a small smile spreading across your face.

Several minutes later, Jonghyun was out of the changing room and walking past in nothing but a pair of white skinny jeans and boots, snapping a pair of handcuff around his wrists. His eyes met your wide, confused ones and he smirked, saying nothing. But there was a look in his eye that made your body shiver and your face redden. The crowd shrieked with excitement as he took his position on stage, head down and cuffed hands on the mic stand.

The music started suddenly and Jonghyun was screaming lyrics into the microphone, voice lower and huskier than usual. After his verse, he started moving down stage and you released the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. You couldn’t take your eyes off the sheen of sweat that had formed on his body, his muscles moving smoothly beneath the tight skin.

It took several seconds for you to recognize that a second voice had joined and your attention snapped to Taemin who had appeared out from beneath the stage. Your eyes lingered, but went back to Jonghyun and followed him as he moved sexily back and forth across the stage, dominance seeming to radiate off of him.

Suddenly the two were together, foreheads touching, and Jonghyun wrenched Taemin’s hair back as he growled lyrics into the microphone. Their faces never moved more than a few inches from each other as Jonghyun’s grip remained in the younger’s hair. Your heart beat faster and faster as Taemin wrapped his hand around the older’s neck as he sang. Your eyes took in every lustful movement of Jonghyun as Taemin bent down more, letting his hand trail down the sweaty body in front of him before hooking into Jonghyun’s jeans for a second.

The two finally separated and continued the song until Jonghyun snapped the unlocked cuff around Taemin’s wrist. The song ended as they lifted their cuffed wrists into the air, bodies heaving hotly and fans screaming. You blushed darkly as Jonghyun’s head turned in your direction. Turning on your heel, you almost ran into Jinki, who blinked in surprise.

“Oh, _____, what’s wrong?” his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“N-Nothing…” you didn’t meet his eyes, “I just need to run to the bathroom. I’ll be back in a second.” You quickly slipped past him and out into the hallway. Not wanting to run into anyone, you searched for a bathroom nearer to the back of the building. Soon you found one and, to your relief, it was completely empty. You leaned your hands against the counter and stared into the sink, unable to erase the erotic images from your mind. Now was not the time to feel horny.

You had stood there for a few minutes, trying to calm down, when the door suddenly swung open. Your eyes widened in surprise as they met a smirking Jonghyun, who let the door shut behind him before locking it.

“Like what you saw?” his voice was low and seductive. He was still shirtless and the light reflected off his slick skin as he approached you.

“H-How did you-“ you were cut off by hungry lips as Jonghyun walked you backwards against the wall. His hands gripped your hips and he grinded his apparent arousal against you. A breathy moan left your lips as your fingers tugged his head back in pleasure. Soon his hands were ripping your shirt over your head and tossing it towards the sink, lips attaching to your neck.

After a few heated seconds, your eyes flew open, “Sh-Shit,” you panted, “we don’t have a condom.” A shiver ran down your spine when you felt Jonghyun’s lips curl into a smirk against your neck and a purr-like chuckle vibrate against your skin.

“I guess we have no choice,” his voice deep with arousal, and you gasped as he suddenly turned you around to face the wall. He reattached his lips to the back of your neck and reached around to undo your shorts, pushing them down along with your panties. You heard the frantic jingle of Jonghyun’s belt and a low moan as he pushed everything down, releasing his now solid member.

You trembled slightly in anticipation. It had been a while since the last time the two of you had done it this way, but it was never in this sort of situation. You knew time constraints wouldn’t allow proper preparation, so your fingers curled against the tiled wall nervously.

Suddenly Jonghyun’s fingers were poking at your cheek, “Suck, babe,” he said, almost apologetically. You turned your head and enveloped his fingers, quickly but thoroughly coating them. He pulled his fingers out and pulled your hips away from the wall, forcing you to bend over. You felt him kiss the middle of your back as he inserted the first finger.

Once you relaxed enough, he added the second finger and you bit your lip at the sharp pain as he tried to gently, albeit quickly, scissor you. Almost too soon he was adding a third finger and a tiny pained gasp escaped you. Jonghyun started pressing kisses across your back, nibbling every so often to redirect your attention. You whimpered when he moved slightly, his hot erection poking the back of your thigh. His three fingers continued to scissor and thrust until the pleasure outweighed the pain, making you release several breathy moans.

Jonghyun removed his fingers and used his clean hand to turn your chin into a passionate kiss, “Ready, babe?” You nodded nervously, fingers curling against the wall again. He pressed a gentle, if not apologetic, kiss into the corner of your mouth before positioning himself and pressing forward slowly.

You whimpered loudly; Jonghyun’s thick length felt like it was splitting you. He leaned forward again and bit harshly down on your back several times, dulling the pain.

“Fuck,” Jonghyun moaned deeply against your back, “fuck, you feel so good, babe.” Each painful inch passed and soon enough he was buried, all but his lips and hands motionless. He drew light patterns over your hips, thighs, and stomach, waiting for you to fully adjust.

You let out a shaky breath, “G-Go.” Your boyfriend stood back up and placed his hands on your hips. He pulled back slightly and dug his finger nails into your skin when you hissed in pain. Knowing not to stop, Jonghyun moved at a constant pace until you started moaning, begging him to move faster.

Not needing to be asked twice, he quickly lost his resolve and thrusted wildly into you. His grip tightened on your hips, nails leaving deep crescent-shaped marks. His name rolled off your tongue in a chant-like way and you started pushing against the wall to meet each of his powerful thrusts. It was a completely different feeling of pleasure than with normal sex, and you craved every second of it.

Jonghyun’s thrusts became more erratic as both of you neared your climaxes. You felt the ball of tight energy start growing deep inside you and after a particularly well-aimed thrust, the ball exploded. A string of curses fell from your mouth, his name accenting it every few words. You felt your juices drip and run down your legs as you rode out your orgasm, clenching tightly around Jonghyun. Several thrusts later his pushed himself deep inside you and released, his head falling back as he moaned your name.

He rode through his own climax before jerking slowly to a halt, his forehead connected softly with your back as he tried to calm his breathing. After a minute, he gently pulled out and quietly cleaned you and himself up. When he finished, and you had redressed yourself, he pulled you into a deep, tender kiss.

“I love you, _____…” he rested his forehead against yours, a small sheepish smile on his face, “sorry for not being able to wait…” You giggled and pecked his lips.

“I’d say it was okay,” you smirked, “although….” Jonghyun quirked his eyebrow.


“If you became this horny after that little show with Taemin…” you trailed off and pouted. He barked out a laugh.

“Oh, believe me, I imagined he was you every second of it,” he pressed a prolonged kiss into your forehead, “come on, let’s get back before anyone gets too suspicious.”

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