Betrayal (Angry Sex)


Apologies to the person who requested Yunho for taking so long, had computer problems >.<; And I’m not sure how angry they wanted it, but I didn’t want to make it too violent. - Admin FC.


You were waiting backstage at the SM Town concert. You sat near the stylists’ section, watching recently debuted rookie group SHINee’s performance on the propped up TV screen in the corner. There was a commotion everywhere - security running here and there, stylists grabbing random pieces of clothing off different racks that were spread variously around the room to piece together every artist’s outfit, camera men shouting incoherent instructions into their radio walkie-talkies.

You sighed; taking a sip of water from the plastic bottle Yunho’s manager had given you. “He’s getting ready,” he had said. “He should be out soon.”

Yunho had already finished performing; he was now in the change rooms getting ready to leave for lunch with you. SHINee’s performance finished, the cheers of the fan girls visibly loud even from where you sat. You waved at Eunhyuk and Sooyoung’s smile’s who dashed past quickly in the midst of getting ready for their upcoming performances. At that moment, SHINee were about to walk past you to go into the change rooms. You stood up and bowed at them, congratulating on their successful performance.

“Congratulations guys! I was watching on the TV screen, your dancing was really something!”

“Ah, thank you ______-ah! That means a lot!” Minho smiled, bowing. The other members bowed and all headed towards to the change rooms, except Jonghyun who was lingering back to talk a bit more.

“Your support really means a lot, especially to me ______-ah,” he said, smiling. “Everyone else close to me is doing the same job, but it’s nice to have someone from the outside giving good support too.”

He pulled you into a tight embrace, which you quickly returned. Jonghyun then surprised you and took your hand, holding it with both of his. You blinked, confusion clouded your eyes. He looked you right in the eyes, smiling.

“I really like that about you _______-ah. Let me take you out to dinner to say thanks.”

“How could you?!” There was a bang and you both turned. You saw that Yunho had kicked a chair with his foot angrily, shaking his head with a glint of anger in his eyes and was turning to walk out of the room.

“I’m sorry Jonghyun, I can’t. I can’t explain it right now, maybe later.” you apologized to his confused face, removing your hand from his. You gave him a quick smile, dashing towards the direction Yunho had gone to explain. You ran into his manager, inquiring him about Yunho’s whereabouts.

“He said he forgot to do something. I don’t think he can make it to lunch today. Sorry.” He answered, shrugging slightly.

Was he seriously that angry? Not even giving a chance for you to explain that it wasn’t what he thought it was? Thinking this made you angry in turn and you scowled, drawing a sharp intake of breath. Thanking his confused manager, you walked out of the venue and started making your way back to the hotel room in the chilly weather.


You were wearing nothing except a silk bath robe, readying yourself to take a bath after the frosty atmosphere. That wasn’t the only thing that was frosty. Yunho’s reaction had made you from being confused and upset to angry and slightly mad on the walk back to the hotel.

There was a sharp “knock knock” on the door. You opened the door and found yourself looking up face-to-face with Yunho. Face blank, you attempted to close the door again but Yunho’s foot moved to prevent that.

“Get out of my face,” you coolly said. “That was un-necessary and over-reacting what you did today.”

“I saw my girlfriend getting asked out by another guy, you’d think I’d be angry or not?” he hissed, attempting to walk inside. You blocked his way, arms to the sides.

“So you decide to get angry at me? I did nothing wrong, and yet I am the victim here!” you yelled, pushing him slightly. Yunho didn’t budge; instead his eyes narrowed.

“Victim? You think you are the victim in this situation? I’m the one who witnessed it all, you say you’re the victim?” he retorted. You couldn’t believe it; he was blaming you for something you could not control? Your mouth opened slightly in shock, still unable to hear his words. You pushed him hard, tears of anger glinting at the corners of your eyes.

“How could you think that? How could you think that I would do something like that to you? To us?you cried out, hitting him on the chest. He grabbed your arms then, forcing them down to your sides, pulling you towards him. You struggled out of his hold, shoving him off of you.

“I had a hard time trying to not imagine you and Jonghyun together! You both looked so happy and perfect, I felt betrayed,” Yunho hissed. “Holding hands and all that, what else am I going to think?”

“Why would you think I would betray you like that?” you mumbled, wrapping your arms around yourself, looking away at the floor. “Do you know how that makes me feel? Hearing you say that? Jonghyun is a friend, nothing more, nothing less. How would I know he was going to ask that? And then to hear you say I am betraying you like that, when all I see is you, all I want is you…” your voice drifted off, the angry tears falling slowly. You closed your eyes, taking a deep breath. You heard the door close and felt a hand on your chin.

“_________-ah,” he muttered, lifting your chin to make you face him. You refused to move your eyes away from the nightstand in the corner.

“_________-ah, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have thought that, I just got carried away. Please forget I said that, and please forgive my misleading thoughts. I just… I was tired after the performance and all I wanted was to see you and hold you, and then seeing you with Jonghyun, I… _________-ah, look at me,” he pleaded, shaking you slightly. “I got carried away. I… I betrayed myself. I’m sorry.”

You finally looked up at him, eyes glistening. He kissed your forehead, moving down to your lips. “I’m sorry ok? I got carried away with my jealousy… I just can’t bear the thought of you with someone else.”

“Someone else like how? Care to explain how your jealousy can make you think that?” He moved you back slightly, eyes moving up and down your body, lingering on the open section where you were bare breasted underneath. He bit the corner of his lip, a slight smirk playing across his face.

“Well… It just makes me so mad if someone else were to do this to you.” He grabbed your wrist, other hand on your waist and shoved you hard against the wall across the room. You winched in pain slightly, eyes glinting in anger up at Yunho. He nipped your neck, biting the pure skin before licking the sore with his tongue. You bit your lip, the thrill of adrenaline coursing through your veins.

“This bathrobe doesn’t do justice either. I mean, if Jonghyun or anyone else for that matter walked into the room and saw you dressed like this, they’d definitely be doing a lot of things to your body. And I don’t want to imagine that anyone else being nobody but me.” Yunho growled next to your ear, lips moving to yours before you could say anything. His tongue swirled around inside, zigzagging a path before exiting as quickly as he had come in.

He leaned his forehead against yours, his tall stature making his eyes linger over your body easily like a predator eyeing its prey. Your breath shuddered, leaning your head back against the wall to allow your body to tease his eyes, the robe sliding slightly to reveal half a nipple. His breathing was deep and slow, the rhythm of your breathing intensifying the atmosphere. His hand slowly removed itself from your waist to your shoulder, sliding off the robe to fully expose your bare breasts before moving back up to your jaw, positioning your face to look directly into his eyes.

“I don’t want that anybody to be anyone else either, except you.” You leaned up, your lips meeting his. He groaned, tongue dancing away with yours, hands moving down to grab your legs, wrapping them around his waist as he lifted you up against the wall. You gasped aloud, your hands moving to his shoulders. He began thrusting against your entrance, his hard member prominent through his pants. You both moaned loudly, anger evaporating and replaced with erratic pleasure. His mouth moved to your neck, tongue darting in and out, the same pace as his up and down thrusts against your entrance. You threw your head back, hitting the wall behind while you moved your legs in time with his thrusts.

He hissed your name behind clenched teeth, grabbing you and lifted you on top of the small cabinet. You held onto the edges of the cabinet for support. Your legs still wrapped around his waist, you continued to thrust against his hard member, knocking aside the lamp and smashing it on the floor. His mouth moved back to your lips, tongue ravaging against yours, his hands throbbing your breasts. You moaned again, a soft cry eliciting in the air against the harsh breathing. With your arms wrapped around his neck, he broke the kiss, grabbing a hold of your whole body bridal style and carried you to the bed, dropping you before going in to continue the kiss. He leaned down on top of you, deepening the kiss, his hardness desperate against your clit.

“Now Yunho, now!” you gasped, breaking the kiss to grab his face. His hands moved down to unbutton his pants whilst your hands flew to the lining of his briefs, pulling them down in one swift motion. He sighed in relief at the feeling of no constriction, before his hands swiftly grabbed yours and pinned them against the bed. You groaned, the need for him inside you intensifying. He gazed intensely into your eyes, before swiftly thrusting into you without any warning. You cried out, writhing under him and grabbing onto the sheets.

“You… are… so…” he groaned, unable to finish the sentence. He thrust in and out, each thrust harder than the last. The air was filled with the panting of breaths, the smell of sweat and sex stronger each second. The speed intensified that tight feeling inside you that only Yunho could bring out. You moaned his name, clenching tighter onto the sheets until you ripped them.

“Yun… ho…” you panted. His mouth clashed against yours, preventing you from saying anything else. You moaned into his mouth, the vibrations of the sounds running through both your bodies. A shiver ran down his body at the same moment as did yours; you felt your walls close around his groin as his speed increased and his hands clamped down upon your wrists even tighter. You gasped out as you felt yourself explode; turning you into a panting, wet mess underneath him. He groaned, leaning his forehead against yours, eyes boring into yours through the sweat covered tips of his hair.

“Oh god, I’m about t-“ he moaned out his orgasm, incoherent sentence incomplete. His eyes closed, he hissed out your name as his seed exploded; his wetness equal with yours. He rode out his orgasm then collapsed on top of you. You both lay there panting for a few minutes, chest to chest, nose to nose, your hands still clenched tightly into the sheets. He finally pulled out, moving next to you before pulling you onto his chest. You both lay there, still panting, before looking each other in the eyes. You moved your hand up to move a strand of hair covering his eyes and kept it upon his cheek.

“You’re the only one. You and no one else,” you say, stroking his cheek. “Don’t let yourself be betrayed again.” He sighed, stroking your hair.

“I’m sorry. It won’t happen again.” He kissed you on the lips. You smirked, eyebrow raised.

“I meant the part about your thoughts. This however…” your voice drifted off. “I’d like to get you angry more often. The aftermath is…” you eyed him, grinning. He smirked, a sly smile creeping across his face.

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