Sehun: First time.


You and Sehun sat opposite each other on the bed. He looked as innocent as ever, sitting in an old shirt and a pair of boxers. You often shared a bed but never had sex, he was a virgin and so were you. You thought it best, best up until now. He said he was ready and you, you decided you were ready too.
"What if I hurt you?" He asked, not looking your direction and in a very small voice. You bit your bottom lip and thought for a second.
"We’ll take it slow." You whispered. Sehun finally looked at you, he was looking very vulnerable.
"I’m worried." He breathed out.
"I’m scared." You replied. Sehun took one last deep breath before he reached over to the lap and switched it off. Leaving you in the darkness. No one moved an inch.

Soon, you felt Sehun’s hand cup the side of your face and you could hear his heavy breathing. He placed a peck on your lips and pulled back hesitantly. You pulled him back with your hand behind his head and the room fell silent as he kissed you back. Gently, softly, lightly. Cautiously, he began to slip his tongue through your lips and wrestle with your own. Meanwhile, you began to lift up his shirt from his body and chucked it to one side. His tongue left your mouth and he kissed you again before taking your shirt off too and beginning to kiss your neck, the pressure of his body on yours pressed you down on your back with him leaning on you, mouth covering the side of your neck with kisses.

You could feel him getting harder as he pressed up against your thigh and you let out a small whimper, excitement shot through you. Sehun pulled back and his hands went around your back, arching your body so he could take your bra off, which he managed to do surprisingly quickly. He stopped touching you for a second and his eyes scanned your body. He bit his bottom lip contently and went back to your lips whilst his hands ran up from your pelvis to your breasts. One hand played with one whilst his mouth began to suck and tease the other. You were let out desperate whimpers and soon enough you had to pull him away. You got on your knees and pushed him gently so he was lying on his back instead.

You placed soft kissed from along his jaw, down his neck like and down his chest. Your hands were busy pulling his boxers away very slowly. You could hear his heavy breathing coming back as your hand curved around his erection and your mouth draw nearer. You didn’t know what you were doing, but there was no harm in giving it a go. Sehun groaned as you put your lips around him, your tongue  swirling around the tip.
"T-Turn around." He instructed as he lifted your head up. You didn’t question him and moved so your ass was in his face.

You continued to  work on him as you felt your underwear slip down your thighs and soon you were completely bare too. Sehun’s finger trailed up your thigh and carefully he began to push it inside of you. You took even more of him into your mouth and he suddenly pressed his tongue onto your clit. You hummed around him in surprise and he bucked his hips instinctively   He quickly gripped the base of his erection to stop him from coming but continued to press another finger inside you and lick you once more. You were taking shaky breaths, the pleasure over whelming you. You managed to pull away and as you did, he spun you over so once more you were on bottom and he reached for a condom.

"Are you sure you’re ready?" Sehun asked one final time. You didn’t say anything you simply nodded and pulled him to your lips. He positioned himself at your opening and pressed into you, inch by inch. Once fully in he let out a grunt and looked at you. It was painful, yes, the stretch was something you weren’t used to but when you looked up and met his eyes you immediately grabbed the back of his head and began to dominate the kiss whereas he dominated else where. He was thrusting into you harder every time he heard you moan and your hands grabbed his. 

Soon, he was reaching his climax and his hands left yours to push your thighs closer to your body, the new angle was perfect and hit you in your most sensitive spot. You cried out as he hit the same place over and over again. Your walls squeezed around him and he moaned your name loudly as with one final push he collapsed onto your body, shoulders heaving  and he was shaking. You pulled his face up and kissed both his cheeks. He simply snuggled you close and kissed the top of your head. Perfect.


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